premiere February 2013, Repertorio Español

by Felix Lope de Vega de Carpio

Directed by Julián Mesri

Winner of 2014 HOLA Gilberto Saldivar Award for Best Production 

Images from Repertorio production (all photos by Michael Palma) 

Fuenteovejuna is a stylish production of a play that anyone interested in theater and its history is lucky to have a chance to see.”

 - Olivia Jane Smith, New York Theatre Review

“Con la puesta Mesri, se nos muestra cómo un director con muchas inquietudes y gran destreza, mostrándonos la sociedad automatizada y mercantilista en la que vivimos, donde los grandes consorcios internacionales campean por sus respetos sin importar nada ni nadie…el movimiento escénico y las actuaciones son soberbias”

(with this staging, Mesri shows himself as a director with lots of worries and great distress, showing us the automatized, mercantilized society in which we live in, where great international corporations fight over trifles without caring about anyone or anything…the scenic movement and the performances are all superb)

- Carlos Navedo, Impacto